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Thank you for spamming me, buy my book! Email Newsletter Templates

After getting yet another email today with an SEO Proposal For High Ranking or Proposal to i suddenly realised these are a bunch of people telling me they have an interest and a business in SEO and link building.

That sounds like a target market for my new SEO book :)
So I set up a few auto replies in gmail to automatically send out this reply email newsletter outlining where they can grab a copy.
I will report on this experiment in a few weeks.

Perhaps there is money to be made from spammers!
Want to try it? Grab a copy of my email, replace links with amazon affiliate links and see if you can make money too…. evil laugh…


Our new book is out. – SEO linkbuilding campaign ideas Email Newsletter Templates


50 monster ideas to get MORE website links & customers

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This is a practical guide, well written, witty and most of all useful! Actual useful examples of how things work.

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This is an excellent read for a beginner starting up their own website and trying to drive traffic and boost their SEO rankings. Even the more seasoned website owner/SEO consultant can find some new and useful ideas in this book.

~ Ross Mulcahy, Ebow digital marketing agency

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Nice, easy to read guide that doesn’t bombard you with terminology and phrases and instead just covers the facts and shows you how to get on with building links and driving traffic.

~ Donal Cahalane,



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Whether you are new to online marketing or a veteran you will find ideas you can use and implement in your next campaign.


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