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5 tips for sending out newsletters this Christmas! Email Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Yes it is only November, but here at Toddle we believe in early planning – Here are our 5 tips to help you with your Christmas Newsletter Templates

Plan Ahead
There is no point in deciding in late December that you are going to send out a Christmas themed Newsletter – Plan ahead for best results. Gather together a list of items / offers / discounts that you would like to offer your customers.

Know the one that is one too many!
Yes it is Christmas and yes you can get away with sending more newsletters than normal – but remember don’t just send out a newsletter everyday for the sake of it. Try and do some research on when is the best time and day to send out newsletters. Also keep the content and offers relevant to your audience. The more relevant it is the more click-thru you will get!

Personalize your newsletters
Every company will send out a newsletter at Christmas – It is going to be a crowded market so you need something to make your newsletter stand out. Make sure to mention your customer by name and use content to make them feel special and wanted – “Welcome back John, here is a 10% discount”. Also don’t ignore your subject line. Remember your subject line will ultimately decide if your newsletter is opened or not. Think about your content and remember you need a call to action in every single newsletter. Make sure this call to action goes to the correct page on your website.

Limited time pricing
Lots of companies are now providing limited time pricing – “Order before 10th December for an extra discount” etc. End a sale on Christmas Eve or have a special New Years Day sale. This is a sure way of people actually opening your newsletter but also clicking through to make a purchase on your store.

Re-assure your Customers
Make sure to re-assure your customers that if they order from your website they will have their products delivered in time for Christmas. Make sure to mention your cut off point for last orders to ensure that they are delivered for Christmas. Also remember you might have international subscribers so take this into account. As well as creating a level of urgency with the last date of ordering, you are also giving a feeling of assurance to your Customers.

Remember offer Christmas Themed Newsletter Templates – Just log into your account and they are available in the ‘Change Design’ button

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