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Bizcamp Dublin was an amazing day. Over 300 people came to the Guinness Store House to meet, share and inspire each other and it worked.
There was a wide cross section of people, from someone who sold their business for €135m to others who lost their job and are thinking about starting out.
I gave a talk on the day on what numbers to expect when doing sales via email marketing. Of course all business are different and achieve different results but this is something to be used as a guide against your own business and marketing efforts. If you are much lower then these numbers then you need to seriously look at what you need to change.
Keep reading the blog as I will discuss how you can improve and test conversion at each stage with a few tweaks.

The presentation was lo-fi on the day with just a flip chart and a marker. I prettied up the flipchart diagram for you here :)

Thanks to all who attended Bizcamp. You can find the other presentations on the site.


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