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5 Daily Steps To Get More Subscribers, Followers & Fans 1 Growing Your Business, 6 Increasing Response and conversion


You have a blog, email newsletter, facebook page and twitter account. Now what?
You got yourself set up. You are blogging weekly and sending links out via email, Facebook and twitter but you are starting to feel like you are talking to yourself. In fact looking at your follower numbers you are talking to yourself.
Here are 5 steps to start building an audience. One for each working day of the week.

Monday: Find people to follow on twitter.
There are a few ways to do this effectively.

  1. Use to search for a keyword in a users profile. Example “Director of Marketing”.
  2. Nearly every conference these days have their own hash tag to people can link and follow proceedings throughout the day. For example everyone tweeting from and discussing the Advertising Technology conference AdTech uses the tag #Adtech. Search the #Adtech keyword at and it returns all the people who tweeted during the conference.
    Find out what conferences related to your business and find out the hash tag.
  3. Find a leading commentator in your area of interest. Look at who they follow and who follows them. A tool such as can help with this.
  4. Check out the twitter directory or search to find people in your market and start following. Don’t forget to add yourself so others can follow you.

The following Monday use a tool like to follow everyone who is following you and you are not following back.
Unfollow everyone who did not follow you back last week to leave room for you to follow new people this week.

Tuesday: Post exclusive content on your Facebook page.
Tell people on your blog, twitter and email to go over and check it out and respond.

Wednesday: Ask a question on your blog and ask people to comment.
Tell people on the blog, Facebook and Twitter you are sending out your newsletter soon and they need to be subscribed to get it.

Thursday: Retweet others.
Comment on their Facebook page. Leave a comment on their blog post or write a longer blog post to reply to their points. They are more likely to follow you back.

Friday: Tell everyone on Facebook, Twitter and your email to check out this weeks blog posts.

Every Day:
Check for people talking to you and reply.
Search for keywords in your industry on twitter search and Google alerts and add your 2c.
Tell everyone about any new content or news you publish.

Photo by Anirudh Koul

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