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$200 off your email newsletter design Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, design

To celebrate our email design feature in this months .net magazine we are offering $200 of a custom design order.
This offer is for two days only, after which the offer drops to $100 off.
Toddle email design in .net magazine

If interested click here for a quote.

Check out our email design in this months .net magazine Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Great Marketing / Advertising, Toddle, design


net magazine toddle email designCheck out our work that is featured in the July issue of .net magazine on the shelves now. I believe the magazine is called Practical Web Design in the US and Australia. What ever the name look for the cover to the left.

Alan designed a fictional email offer for the real web application This is how he described it:
net_mag_finetuna_artwork“ is a real web application run by the team at Spoiltchild. It’s for sharing feedback on concepts between a designer and client. However, it doesn’t have subscriptions or even an email newsletter, so I thought it would be fun to see what one might look like.

I approached this email as if it was one edition of a newsletter that’s been going out regularly. With that in mind, the subject line is ‘ – WIN a lifetime subscription’. The hope would be that the Finetuna brand name would have built up recognition and trust over previous emails, making a subscriber pay more attention when they see it.

The design is consistent with the look and style of the website, except for the main competition piece, which has large formatted type, an off-brand contrasting colour and big call to action button so there’s no doubt this is the most important part of the email. Entry is as simple and quick as possible because a subscriber’s attention span won’t be that long with this mail.
I also deliver on the established trust by providing links and an article that would be of value to a designer reading it.

Finally, while I love email newsletters, I realise they’re just one part of a wide marketing mix, so I’ve included links to the other channels where a subscriber may prefer to interact instead.

Overall, the design and art direction captures the brand and personality of the service. It requests instant action from the subscriber, but doesn’t sacrifice the long-term relationship in favour of a quick win.”

Alan also gives a break down in the article of the the individual sections of the email design but i will not give those away so that you go out and buy loads of copies!
Check it out now on your magazine stands.

No place for dogs Business, Content, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, design

dogs welcome children not

We all know the importance of a good welcome. A great example we came accross this week, is our local bistro. Lots of families walk their dogs along the strand each day but it is pretty difficult to have dinner with doggie in toe.

The bistro owner has created a beautiful outdoor area where dogs can accompany their owners. Bowls are provided for water and food and doggie do do is taken care of with the placement of special bins located far away from the tables. Other diners along the strand actively discourage dogs (and their owners). What other café’s view as a problem, this bistro has turned into a selling point. Smart, effective and makes perfect business sense.

Are you making it easy for your customers to come back to you?

Image leelefever

Easy is hard to do Business, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Toddle, design, feedback

Toddle wordle cloud

A few months back we ran a survey to track how is performing for our customers. From the results of the survey, we created a Wordle cloud of terms most used to describe Toddle’s benefits.

As you can see, the words easy, use, newsletters and professional jump from the graphic. This got me thinking – easy is hard to do. We built Toddle to ease the pain of newsletter design and sending for small business. And to make sure your message looks great, we test it in over 30 email clients. We take the pain you get the gain. We are really thrilled that Toddle is benefiting our clients every day and thank you all sincerely for your feedback and referrals.

What’s next then?
We are working on new template designs to add to the template gallery and new payment pathways to make payments easier. Find our two newest template designs here. Exciting times indeed!

Two new email newsletter designs available Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Toddle, design

Two great new designs are now available in Toddle and to be very biased I believe they are our best yet.
As always they look great in Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail etc, even with images disabled. We hope you love them as much as we do!

                         Birmingham Roller                                               Bremen Tumbler
Email Newsletter Template - Burmingham RollerEmail Newsletter Template - Bremen

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Send some Christmas cheer with Toddle Christmas, Christmas Newsletter, Content, Email Newsletter Templates, Inspiration, Seasonal Email Newsletters, design

We love Christmas at Toddle HQ and to celebrate we have released two Christmas email templates just in time for the holidays. Why not save a few trees this year and send your clients and subscribers a Christmas ecard with our cool designs. Sign up and try out our festive newsletters using the sign up box to the right of this post. As always,  these templates will work great with Outlook, yahoo mail, Hotmail, gmail and others.  We hope you love them as much as we do!

Christmas Wrapping                                                                 Christmas Gift

Of course you can add some Christmas cheer to any of the existing newsletter templates by adding some seasonal images from the always great for as little as $1 an image.
Here are a few of our favorite images. Just search for ‘Christmas’ or ‘Santa’.

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Feck The Recession (NSFW) Feck The Recession, Inspiration, Stuff, design

I got fed up and designed a protest poster against all the doom & gloom in the media. I have had it hanging on my wall for two months now and I still love coming in to the office and seeing it each morning. It is full of advice, quotes and facts showing the recession is not the end of the world, it is one great big opportunity for you to shine!
The poster is now available on so you can order your own gorgeous print. Any money made on the posters will go to the Samaritans who have been busier then they should be lately.

The prints are on a very-heavy weight paper with a really lovely matte finish.
Details: A substantial, very white print medium with a matte finish, imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks (100+ years of fade resistance when displayed indoors and protected from direct sunlight).
You can adjust price, sizes and paper weight on Zazzle and even add a frame if you are feeling flush. The one i have linked is €27.50 and is the one i have in the office here.


Feck The Recession (Safe for Work) - Small

Size: 38cm x 57cm
Paper: Heavy Satin Finish



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Feck The Recession (Safe for Work) - Large

Size: 58cm x 88cm
Paper: A very heavy matte finish, imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks


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Large Framed

Feck The Recession (Safe for Work) - Large Framed

Size: 58cm x 88cm
Paper: A very heavy matte finish, imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks


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Poster detail

Buy Feck The Recession (NSFW)

The print above is the clean version. The original i have hanging up is a little more in your face. :) You can order it here if you like.

A new office-y newsletter design Business, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, design

Now available in Toddle is this business / office style email newsletter design.
Ostrava Bagdad - Office Email Newsletter Template

Classical in style this email marketing template is perfect for the more serious corporate business image.

Like all Toddle templates the design will work great in every email client and will degrade gracefully for those email clients that do not support the more advanced design features. Put simply you will look great when your client gets this.

And of course it is great value at only $9. Sign up and start marketing your business.

Create your Email Newsletter in 60 seconds. Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Features, Stuff, Tips & Tricks, Toddle, Video Guide, design

A simple video guide showing how to create your email newsletter in Toddle.

Start creating your email newsletter here.

Once your email marketing newsletter is ready you have a huge number of ways to send it. Choose one that you feel most comfortable with.

You can find handy guides on sending with a range of email marketing software here.

Meet BEN. Inspiration from the pros. Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Great Marketing / Advertising, Inspiration, Tips & Tricks, design

BEN is a new site from the team here showcasing beautiful email newsletter designs. Updated regularly it features email marketing from around the world. Great for when you are looking for a bit of inspiration.