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7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Isn’t Dead Conversion, Email Awards, Email Marketing, Email Standards, Email Statistics, Email Tracking

There are many marketing strategies being introduced, yet amongst all of them, email marketing still stands out the rest. You may have doubts since this is a little too old fashioned hence its effectiveness to garner huge audience is impossible. You may be thinking wrong, as statistics show that email marketing still tops the board in terms of marketing effectiveness and reach. Numbers will never lie, and it can give you accurate result that you need to use when strategizing your business marketing. If email marketing is old fashioned, then maybe old fashion is what you need to make your business successful.

Also, you can check Omnisend research about email marketing statistics.


Toddle Featured Among “Top 50 Tools for Measuring Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)” 8 Using Toddle with other services, 9 Happy users, Email Awards

Toddle Marketing ROI CalculatorDocurated, an enterprise productivity and document management solution has recently released their list of “The Top 50 Tools for Measuring Marketing Return on Investment (ROI),” has made this list which is here for all to view:

(Note: The list is in random order; they’re not necessarily ranked or rated in order of quality or importance. The aim is to recognize the tools listed as valuable tools for measuring marketing ROI.)

If you want to look at our ROI calculator it is available here –

We are pretty chuffed about this especially as we are classed with world wide companies such as Hubspot, Salesforce and Google

Best Internet & ICT Award Nomination 9 Happy users, Email Awards, Email Marketing

Drogheda and District Chamber AwardsAbsolutely trilled to find out today that Toddle has been shortlisted for the Best Internet & ICT Award in the Drogheda Chamber of Commerce awards.

The award recognises companies that have a strategy to reduce costs, grow sales or improve their focus on customers through innovative and effective use of the Internet and ICT.

Our sister company Spoiltchild Design has also been nominated for Best Small Business Award
Thank you for the nomination and we will let you know how we get on at awards night on November 8th.