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Gmail has announced that it is going responsive! 2 Email Newsletter Templates, Gmail

Gmail has recently announced that by the end of September it intends to go responsive – This is very good news and according to Google it will mean that:

Starting later this month, Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will support emails created with responsive design, meaning their content adapts to fit screens of all sizes.

The three biggest areas that this change will support are:

Media query support
Media queries allow you to add styles specific to a device width or screen size, therefore giving you full control on how an email will render on a desktop or mobile device. This change will ensure that regardless of the device your readers use to read email, the text size / image size etc. will render to give a much better reader experience.

Inline no more
Gmail always stripped out CSS styles found in the head of your email – This meant that emails designed to render correctly in Gmail needed to have all their styles added inline. This is a complete pain!. All other major inboxes already support stylesheets, so this will reduce the time it takes to code / edit email templates designed specifically for Gmail

CSS support
This change is potentially a game changer – Gmail is hoping to allow a fully web-based approach to coding emails free from the traditional table layout that currently exists. For this to be a success though it would mean that other major inboxes such as Outlook would need to support this and move away from their traditional table rendering solution.

Stay tuned for further updates on this.

Copy and Paste your email newsletter to send it Advanced, Email Client Tips, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Gmail, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks

Occasionally emails do not arrive after you send them from toddle, and due to restrictive email filters in companies, they may not arrive as beautiful as they should. It is rare but it does happen.
So we have done some testing and have an alternative way for you to import your finished Toddle newsletter into your email client ready to send to your subscribers.
So far this is tested on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail (Windows Live) and Outlook 2003. This does not work with Outlook 2007 unfortunately. We are doing further testing with the other email clients.

  • After you hit the SEND button in Toddle, go to the HTML version of your newsletter. You can find the link in Advanced Sending Options in Toddle under the sent button.

  • When the new page opens displaying your newsletter, click EDIT > SELECT ALL and then COPY. This copies the entire newsletter into your clipboard.

  • Open your email app and start a new message. Make sure your editor is set to HTML or Rich Text. Select EDIT > PASTE.

Now your email newsletter is ready to send to your clients.
If you have any problems with this or you are using this in any other email client not mentioned above please let us know how you get on.

Quick Tip: Forwarding with Gmail Email Client Tips, Gmail

If you are forwarding your newsletter with Gmail you might not see the HTML(designed) version. This is how you fix it.

In the edit box in Gmail make sure you have “rich text” set before you hit the forward button.
If you choose to forward and you don’t have it set, then click the link to use “rich text”, discard the draft you’re looking at, then choose “forward” again.