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Black Friday Deal – Get a Yearly Toddle Subscription for $99! Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Pricing

Sign up for a Toddle Yearly Subscription and get it for an amazing price of $99 – That is less than $9 per month for unlimited newsletter templates!

This is a once in a lifetime deal and will be active until Friday 29th November

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Black Friday @ Toddle!

Christmas Newsletter Templates Added! Christmas, Christmas Newsletter, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Seasonal Email Newsletters

For the month of December we have added two special Christmas newsletter templates that you can use in your Toddle Editor.

Simply log into your account, click on ‘Change Design’ button and select either ‘Christmas Santa’ or ‘Toddolian Christmas’ from your list of templates

Upload your logo and add your Christmas message!

These templates are great value at just $9.

Want to send your newsletter campaigns using Toddle? – Watch this space! Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates

Over the past number of months we have been working hard at developing new functionality that will allow our users to not only create beautiful looking email newsletters, but also to send out these newsletters to their customers.

We are building Toddle Sendpoint!

Send Beautiful Simple Email campaigns using Toddle Sendpoint

Send Beautiful Simple Email campaigns using Toddle Sendpoint

Toddle Sendpoint will allow you to create a Newsletter Campaign, upload your contacts and send your Toddle Newsletter template to these contacts – Simple and Easy!

On top of this we will have a suite of reports and advice available to help you improve your campaigns.

Toddle Sendpoint is due to be released in Beta mode before the end of 2013 – Make sure to sign up to our newsletter so as not to miss out

Thank you for spamming me, buy my book! Email Newsletter Templates

After getting yet another email today with an SEO Proposal For High Ranking or Proposal to i suddenly realised these are a bunch of people telling me they have an interest and a business in SEO and link building.

That sounds like a target market for my new SEO book :)
So I set up a few auto replies in gmail to automatically send out this reply email newsletter outlining where they can grab a copy.
I will report on this experiment in a few weeks.

Perhaps there is money to be made from spammers!
Want to try it? Grab a copy of my email, replace links with amazon affiliate links and see if you can make money too…. evil laugh…


Our new book is out. – SEO linkbuilding campaign ideas Email Newsletter Templates


50 monster ideas to get MORE website links & customers

This book is designed to provide more actionable items per $ than a typical marketing book.

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- Do you wish you had a straight forward list of the most effective ways to get first in the search listings?

In this book learn proven ideas to build the profile of businesses big and small all over the world.

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This is a practical guide, well written, witty and most of all useful! Actual useful examples of how things work.

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This is an excellent read for a beginner starting up their own website and trying to drive traffic and boost their SEO rankings. Even the more seasoned website owner/SEO consultant can find some new and useful ideas in this book.

~ Ross Mulcahy, Ebow digital marketing agency

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Nice, easy to read guide that doesn’t bombard you with terminology and phrases and instead just covers the facts and shows you how to get on with building links and driving traffic.

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Whether you are new to online marketing or a veteran you will find ideas you can use and implement in your next campaign.


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Each idea and strategy listed in the book has been used by the leading marketing and SEO experts in the world.


BONUS: Resources & files

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Look what landed in the office today! Email Newsletter Templates

Toddle bird

Our super cute Toddle mascot landed in our office today. I have to say we love his little hat in time for the autumn. Want your company logo transformed into a cool knitted version? Check out

Rules for choosing a business name Email Newsletter Templates


Eoghan McCabe over on the Contrast blog wrote a post this week on 7 rules for choosing a business name. The rules come from a presentation by Marty Neumeier which can be found here.
Now I personally hate rules, or other peoples rules to be more specific. This is probably why I started Toddle to work under my own rules on how email should be done. What is interesting when looking through the list is how different my own approach is. Whether it is our design agency Spoiltchild, Toddle, Clothing company SheepStealers, Daddy and Son funky matching socks BigFeet LittleFeet or our image review web application FineTuna.

This is my own thought process when name storming.

1. Does it create a story?
Spoiltchild was the first, and it quickly showed me the importance of your name having a story.
Almost every first meeting I had with a client, the first question would come with a smile on their face. “Great name, where did you come up with it?”
And the honest reply would always lighten and relax the mood for a great meeting to follow. If reading this and you want the story you will have to meet me in person!

2. Is it memorable?
This ties in with point 1, does it create a story? Stories stick in our mind and get shared with others. The book Made To Stick is a must read on the power of stories in marketing. SheepStealer Clothing instantly creates an image or story in your mind and is also related to the product.

3. Is there humour?
This is my own personality. I always stray towards humour and playfulness. If a name seems to take itself too seriously it is instantly scrapped. But I also believe this connects with points 1 and 2. Humour connects on a personal level. To be funny it has to have a story that a person can connect with.
FineTuna came about when I misheard someone in the office say “…fine tune a design”. And I loved how a cat thinking about a fish in the logo had absolutely no obvious connection with reviewing design mock ups.

4. Is it personal?
If I am going to spend years devoting my time to a business I love, the name has to have some personal connection to me.
If it can help make a personal connection with you then that is the right business name.
Toddle came about from the idea of really simplifying email marketing down so anyone could use it. Break it down to baby steps or a toddle. That toddle or baby steps connected wonderfully with the main business name at the time Spoiltchild we knew it was a winner.

5. Is the .com available?
This is where it gets difficult. But perhaps it doesn’t have to? I can honestly say that when i followed the steps above, I came up with names that were so personal and unique to me no one else had any reason to come up with them. In all but one name, the .com was available. And these were the first names that I decided on before looking.

A few notes on what I didn’t do.
Try and squeeze SEO keywords into the url. I know this can have benefits in search but personally I do not like it for branding a business. I get lost in the myriad of similarly named businesses. BlueWidgets inc or RedWidgets LLC. I am sorry but I will not remember which of you I talked to last time and will have difficulty talking about you to others. I have used it for marketing campaigns and sites for example Beautiful Email Newsletters but you will notice as a brand people connect with BEN (Beautiful Email Newsletters) the curator of the site.
Also having a unique name makes it a thousand times easier to monitor twitter or google alerts for mentions of your business.

Choose a name and add “app” or “hq” on the end if the .com was not available. Again I think this is confusing to people and I am sure who ever has the .com is very grateful for all the visitors your marketing money is mistakenly sending them.

And I didn’t go out and survey a 100 people for market research on what they thought of the name. If I did I can guarantee 99 would have said that all the above were unsuitable names for a business.
In the years after launching I can only remember 1 person ever telling me they didn’t like a name, and they still did business with me.

The above image is from here and is free to use on your own website or email.

Effective email list growth tactics 6 Increasing Response and conversion, Email Newsletter Templates


Great chart today from Marketing Sherpa on the most effective strategies for building your email subscriber list.
They surveyed 1,100 marketers not just about which strategy pulled in the most email addresses but which brought in the highest number of quality leads.
Notice how the highest quality comes at the point where a person is most engaged with a business.

Look around to see where you have most contact with customers and prospects. What if you asked for an email address?

Resource: Podcast Logo Email Newsletter Templates

I am updating this from over on our Spoiltchild blog.
A good podcast logo is hard to find. Here is one we designed and it is free for you to use on your own website.


In the attached file selection of file you can find various file types and sizes for anyone to use anywhere. It includes transparent .png files to place on different backgrounds.

Download podcast icons .ZIP file (390kb)

I do require a link back if you use the icon from anywhere on your website.
Podcast icon from Toddle <a href="">Email Newsletter Templates</a>

Let us know if you use it so we can see it in action.
You can find other free images for your email or website here.

Irish Internet Association – Meetball Email Newsletter Templates

iia_meetballIt was great to meet everyone last night at the Irish Internet Association – Meetball demo and networking night.
We presented alongside Gary Mullan of Prosperity Recruitment and Emer Jameson of
Big thanks to Roseanne Smith and gang at the IIA for organising the night.

More photos on Flickr