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Gmail has announced that it is going responsive! 2 Email Newsletter Templates, Gmail

Gmail has recently announced that by the end of September it intends to go responsive – This is very good news and according to Google it will mean that:

Starting later this month, Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will support emails created with responsive design, meaning their content adapts to fit screens of all sizes.

The three biggest areas that this change will support are:

Media query support
Media queries allow you to add styles specific to a device width or screen size, therefore giving you full control on how an email will render on a desktop or mobile device. This change will ensure that regardless of the device your readers use to read email, the text size / image size etc. will render to give a much better reader experience.

Inline no more
Gmail always stripped out CSS styles found in the head of your email – This meant that emails designed to render correctly in Gmail needed to have all their styles added inline. This is a complete pain!. All other major inboxes already support stylesheets, so this will reduce the time it takes to code / edit email templates designed specifically for Gmail

CSS support
This change is potentially a game changer – Gmail is hoping to allow a fully web-based approach to coding emails free from the traditional table layout that currently exists. For this to be a success though it would mean that other major inboxes such as Outlook would need to support this and move away from their traditional table rendering solution.

Stay tuned for further updates on this.

Does the content of my subject line have an impact on the deliverability? 2 Email Newsletter Templates, 6 Increasing Response and conversion

In a word – YES!

Many ISP spam filters will review your email content & subject line to determine if it is spam. Although there is no magic rule or formula that you can follow to ensure emails are delivered to the inbox, you can review these tips and recommendations.

1) Keep your subject line between 35 and 50 characters long – the longer it is the more chance it will be branded as spam. In Toddle Newsletter Templates the subject line of your newsletter is entered on the ‘Edit your Header’ area as shown in the below image:

Keep your subject line short - between 35 & 50 characters!

Keep your subject line short - between 35 & 50 characters!

2) Try not to use all capitalized letters as your subject line

3) Avoid spelling errors or HTML in your subject line

4) Try not to use links such as ‘Click Here’ or spammy type words such as money, cash, free etc.

5) Avoid attachments in your newsletter. Recipients are typically cautious of viruses and malicious email attachments. Consider creating links to files via a website URL instead.

6) Minimize the use of bold text, red font, exclamation points (!!!), questions marks (?) and symbols like $ € £ @

8 Components Of A Successful Email Newsletter 1 Growing Your Business, 2 Email Newsletter Templates, 4 Custom Email Design and marketing Services

This post was originally a guest post on

Email newsletters offer one of the highest returns on investment in online marketing, second only to search marketing. But it only works when you do it right.
Assuming you have interested subscribers; the following are the key parts of an email newsletter guaranteed to bring you success.

sheepstealer-email-newsletter1. Subject line
Your very first point of contact. Use this to tempt the reader to open the mail.
I add the company name to every subject line to build trust over time. Readers learn that if the mail is from Sheepstealers then there will be something inside they will enjoy or find interesting.

2. Preview
This text will appear in the preview pane of the email client when it arrives to the inbox. It should add to the subject line and provide more reasons to open the newsletter.

3. Main offer
A clear offer with a strong call to action. A reader should be in no doubt what to do next and why. Fancy fonts will need to be images so make sure you have text and links that work when images are turned off.

4. Sell stuff.
Don’t forget your ultimate goal is to sell your products or service.

5. Being useful
Subscribers would get turned off pretty fast if every mail was about me. I always add content I know would be of use to a subscriber. It increases the chance of them opening again next month.

6. Expand the conversation
People love sharing good links and information online. With an army of subscribers loving your updates, make it easy for them to tell others and chat back to you.

7. Reminder
A personal touch to let them know you are human and a simple reminder of where they signed up can drastically reduce the number who unsubscribe. But if they want to go let them.

8. Short & Sweet
I like keeping my newsletters short and easy to scan. If I have a long article I split it into a snappy taster for the newsletter and a read more link going to the blog.

That’s all! If you start applying these points to your email marketing campaigns you will see your open and click through rates start to rise.

Disclosure: Sheepstealer GAA T-Shirts is a product from Spoiltchild. This email does not currently exist and was produced for this post.