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Announcing Toddle for Outlook – test our new plug-in! Business, Email Marketing, feedback

fool gets an electric shockWe are very excited to announce our new Toddle plug-in for Outlook today, as part of our strategy to integrate Toddle as close as possible to your business needs. We are thrilled to incorporate Toddle into one of the most popular business tools on the planet!

Before launching it to the world, we are entering a testing phase and this is where we need your help. We are looking for fifty Toddle users to give the new plug-in a whirl; try it out, break it and offer your feedback on how to make it more useful to you.

To get a first sneak peek at the new system sign up here with your email address. Looking forward to your feedback and thanks for helping us make Toddle even more awesome!

Easy is hard to do Business, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Toddle, design, feedback

Toddle wordle cloud

A few months back we ran a survey to track how is performing for our customers. From the results of the survey, we created a Wordle cloud of terms most used to describe Toddle’s benefits.

As you can see, the words easy, use, newsletters and professional jump from the graphic. This got me thinking – easy is hard to do. We built Toddle to ease the pain of newsletter design and sending for small business. And to make sure your message looks great, we test it in over 30 email clients. We take the pain you get the gain. We are really thrilled that Toddle is benefiting our clients every day and thank you all sincerely for your feedback and referrals.

What’s next then?
We are working on new template designs to add to the template gallery and new payment pathways to make payments easier. Find our two newest template designs here. Exciting times indeed!

A sale inquiry minutes later – 9 Happy users, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Inspiration, Testimonials, feedback, reviews - Newsletter
Californian based artist Kellyann just tweeted us this great message.

Thank you! just sent my toddle via email list & twitter…rec’vd inquiry for sale minutes later…cheers to you.

Congrats Kellyann, keep us updated on how it goes.

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