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This is why email marketing is so great. Great video from Microsoft of all people.

Check out our email design in this months .net magazine Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Great Marketing / Advertising, Toddle, design


net magazine toddle email designCheck out our work that is featured in the July issue of .net magazine on the shelves now. I believe the magazine is called Practical Web Design in the US and Australia. What ever the name look for the cover to the left.

Alan designed a fictional email offer for the real web application This is how he described it:
net_mag_finetuna_artwork“ is a real web application run by the team at Spoiltchild. It’s for sharing feedback on concepts between a designer and client. However, it doesn’t have subscriptions or even an email newsletter, so I thought it would be fun to see what one might look like.

I approached this email as if it was one edition of a newsletter that’s been going out regularly. With that in mind, the subject line is ‘ – WIN a lifetime subscription’. The hope would be that the Finetuna brand name would have built up recognition and trust over previous emails, making a subscriber pay more attention when they see it.

The design is consistent with the look and style of the website, except for the main competition piece, which has large formatted type, an off-brand contrasting colour and big call to action button so there’s no doubt this is the most important part of the email. Entry is as simple and quick as possible because a subscriber’s attention span won’t be that long with this mail.
I also deliver on the established trust by providing links and an article that would be of value to a designer reading it.

Finally, while I love email newsletters, I realise they’re just one part of a wide marketing mix, so I’ve included links to the other channels where a subscriber may prefer to interact instead.

Overall, the design and art direction captures the brand and personality of the service. It requests instant action from the subscriber, but doesn’t sacrifice the long-term relationship in favour of a quick win.”

Alan also gives a break down in the article of the the individual sections of the email design but i will not give those away so that you go out and buy loads of copies!
Check it out now on your magazine stands.

A definition of a brand Great Marketing / Advertising, Inspiration

I had a great definition of a good brand from a student tonight.

‘Everytime I get an invoice from a company called Bonkers I smile as I sign the cheque’.

Are you a bit Bonkers?

Meet BEN. Inspiration from the pros. Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Great Marketing / Advertising, Inspiration, Tips & Tricks, design

BEN is a new site from the team here showcasing beautiful email newsletter designs. Updated regularly it features email marketing from around the world. Great for when you are looking for a bit of inspiration.

Engaging with your Customers Avoiding Spam, Business, Content, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Great Marketing / Advertising, Increasing Response, Tips & Tricks

Below is my presentation from the Netimperative Digital Roadshow – in the GUINNESS STOREHOUSE Dublin.
The talk was on
How to engage a two-way conversation
How to ensure the ultimate user experience

The talk is on websites in general but is as relevant if not more so to how you use email marketing and write your message.