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HothouseJust a few months off the starting block and we are off to a flying start!
We are delighted to announce that Toddle has been accepted on to the
Hothouse incubation programme.

Hothouse is a year long programme that provides knowledge intensive start-ups with the
expertise, networks and tools they need to develop and grow highly successful businesses capable of competing in global markets. Based in the invigorating and entrepreneurial environment of Docklands Innovation Park, Hothouse will help guide your business through the chaotic start-up phase and provide you with the focus and pace necessary to succeed.

Having helped launch over 250 companies during the past ten years, Hothouse has a wealth of experience and expertise in the management and delivery of practical programmes for dynamic Irish businesses. We have supported a further 50 companies under our Fast Growth Programme and have provided early stage ventures within our portfolio, the opportunity to access seed funding through the Small Enterprise Seed Fund.

Excited is not the word! We are honoured to be ranked among these current and past participants and we realise we have a lot of hard work ahead to realise our potential. Why don’t you stick around with us for the journey.