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Copy and Paste your email newsletter to send it Advanced, Email Client Tips, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Gmail, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks

Occasionally emails do not arrive after you send them from toddle, and due to restrictive email filters in companies, they may not arrive as beautiful as they should. It is rare but it does happen.
So we have done some testing and have an alternative way for you to import your finished Toddle newsletter into your email client ready to send to your subscribers.
So far this is tested on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail (Windows Live) and Outlook 2003. This does not work with Outlook 2007 unfortunately. We are doing further testing with the other email clients.

  • After you hit the SEND button in Toddle, go to the HTML version of your newsletter. You can find the link in Advanced Sending Options in Toddle under the sent button.

  • When the new page opens displaying your newsletter, click EDIT > SELECT ALL and then COPY. This copies the entire newsletter into your clipboard.

  • Open your email app and start a new message. Make sure your editor is set to HTML or Rich Text. Select EDIT > PASTE.

Now your email newsletter is ready to send to your clients.
If you have any problems with this or you are using this in any other email client not mentioned above please let us know how you get on.

Use Twitter to tell you when to send your Email Newsletter Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Email Statistics, Email Tracking, Ezine, Increasing Response, Sending Newsletters, Testing

You can get vastly different results from your email newsletter depending on what day and time you send it.
Guesswork, testing different times/days and carefully monitoring your email stats is normally the best way to find out but i have a great shortcut for you…Twitter!

This is how you do it.

  • First, go to and type in a few keywords related to your industry. In this example the marketing manager of a hotel wants to target people looking for ‘hotels in Dublin’. This search shows all the people on Twitter talking about and looking for Hotels in Dublin.

Twitters search results for Hotels in Dublin

  • Twitter very nicely gives you an RSS feed of these results in the top right hand corner. Copy the URL of this link.
  • If you have not already, sign up for a Google reader account.
  • Click the ADD A SUBSCRIPTION button in Google reader. Then paste in the URL of the Twitter RSS feed.

Google reader showing Twitter search results

  • Click SHOW DETAILS in the top right corner and you will see a blank graph. After a few days this will show some fantastic data on what day of the week, month and time that people where talking about “Hotels in Dublin”.
  • This is a great time to send out an email offer about Hotels in Dublin.

Twitter graph on best time to send an email

Twitter graph on best time to send an email newsletter

Happy emailing.
Tell us how you normally find the best time to send your email?

Thanks to Chris S Penn for this great tip.

I’m starting out in Email Marketing. Should I buy an email list? 9 Happy users, Avoiding Spam, Business, Content, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks


I was catching up on some reading this morning and the question of buying email lsits came up again. Here is what I think about it. If we are talking about ‘opt-in’ marketing I don’t believe buying lists is of benefit to your business. Firstly, where did the list originate from, are those on the list in your target market and did they give permission for their emails to be disseminated to third parties. Can you be completely sure that they have given permission at all?

In my experience bought lists can cause headaches, namely receivers hitting the spam button and not appreciating the unsolicited mail. If losts of people hit the spam button often enough your messages will not get through. It is far better and far more sustainable to grow your contact lists through opt-ins like sign up forms on your website, from connections made in your business and by simply asking in the first place.

To my mind bought lists are not worth the financial outlay and are in fact a danger to your business. Why take the chance of destroying your goodwill by sending emails to people you don’t know and have no connection with. After all email marketing is about relationships built over time, advice and support given to your user that is valued and appreciated by people who want to read about what you have to say.

It is tempting to try to fast track to thousands of connections but in reality it may turn out to be a very backward step. Makle connections honestly and help your user. Give them information they need and look forward to receiving. So instead of blacklisting you they send your insigntful content to their frienda and family thereby growing your connections organically as a trusted expert and friend!

10 TIPS TO ATTRACT NEW SUBSCRIBERS 9 Happy users, Business, Email Client Tips, Email Newsletter Templates, Seminars, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks, Toddle

Business cards

1. Ask
Sounds simple and it is. You will be surprised how your customers, partners and friends will happily agree. Make it a part of your normal business interaction. A sales call, a first meeting, a network event, before you say goodbye tell then you have information you believe would be useful to them in your newsletter and can you add their email. Now you have promised to deliver good, useful content so make sure you deliver or your customers won’t be long unsubscribing.

2. Blog / Site
I heard recently that up to 80% of a website’s visitors do not return. People simply forget or think they have found the information they need and move on. Email is a great way to hook them in and remind them to come back when you have new news and updates. Your customers have done the hard work and found you among the millions of sites on the web. So grab them and don’t let then go too easily. VERY prominently on your blog or site put up an email subscribe box with a GREAT reason to sign up.

3. Offer a free course
Seth Godin has a great story of a wine merchant, who used free information provided to him, to create a wine appreciation course by email. By putting a single ad in his local paper users subscribed to his course. Newsletter by newsletter he explained the virtues and characteristics of the wines in his shop and along with it, gained the trust and confidence of would be purchasers. The information he gave out was free provided by the wine makers. The upshot: He became known in his locality as an authority on wine; he converted readers to purchasers and ultimately grew his business. Like our wine merchant think of the expertise you have in your field and see how you can repackage it to your subscribers. Keep it simple and relevant to the needs of your clients.

4. eBooks
Very similar to the free course above. For readers who prefer books to courses package up your information into a downloadable eBook. As part of the download process ask them to subscribe to additional information and advice from your newsletter.

5. Competition
I noticed in a local restaurant a big fish bowl by the cash register offering a years free membership to a local gym as a prize. All you had to do was drop in your business card and agree to get a healthy living newsletter monthly.
What a great idea. The restaurant gets a free prize for their customers and the gym gets a list of people who have indicated they want to get more active and healthy. You can offer a competition via your website, local newspaper or try and find out who else is sending newsletters to your target market and team up with them.

6. Free stuff
Incentivise people to sign up. Offer something free. An eBook, as above, a free 30 minute consulting session or a special offer only for subscribers. I noticed a tourist office recently offering USB drives for the first 100 people who signed up. An expensive promotion but it worked with me! Whatever it is make sure you have calculated that you will get the returns. Something else to consider, is your incentive is believable? At this years Marketing Sherpa conference in Boston, a great case study highlighted how a GUARENTEED incentive of $250 received only 12 responses. That is, a guaranteed payment of $250 dollars if a subscriber responded. However, when the same company offered the same subscriber list $7 per sign up they got over 500 responses. People simply did not believe the $250 offer.

7. Ask for referrals
Similar to point 1. Just ask. Most of us are more then happy to refer other people to services, sites or information that they will find useful. If your customers and subscribers are happy with you, then they will only be too happy to refer your newsletter to someone else. Make sure you have a nice big “Forward to a friend” link in your newsletter.

8. Give a talk / network
Events and seminars are great places to meet new people. When you are exchanging business cards ask if you can send your newsletter to them and mark their cards for adding their details later. If you are standing up in front of these people then you are already perceived as an expert in the field and someone worth listening to. So at the end of the talk, tell the audience you can send them more information on a particular point or topic, they just need to drop up their business card.

9. Make your subscribe box pop
You are going to need to test this. Play around with the location, colour and wording of your email subscribe box on your site. You will be surprised but some very minor changes can increase sign ups by up to 400%.

10. Email Signatures
You are sending out hundreds / thousands of emails every year. How many of your emails promote your email newsletter in your email signature. Look at doing the same on discussion forums and social networks.

For every point above there are a few things to keep in mind to make the process more effective:

A.  Tell people how often they should expect the newsletter (people are afraid they might get overloaded with mails daily)
B.  Where possible show them an example / link to the type of mail they will get
C.  Send them a welcome mail as soon as they sign up. A month down the line they might not remember you and unsubscribe or mark you as spam.

Got any more tips? What works for you? Let us know.

Image thanks to atomicShed

Sending your Toddle newsletter with Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Ezine, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks helps you in creating lasting customer relations though effective Email newsletters, Autoresponders, RSS to email and other email marketing tools.

Sending your Toddle newsletter through is fairly easy. Below I will explain all the steps invloved in the process.

  • First, sign up with or log in to your existing account.

  • Once logged in, click on Messages, then Broadcast and then on Create Broadcast Message button.

  • Now, go to the HTML version of your Toddle newsletter. You can find the link in Advanced Sending Options in Toddle. Right click on the newsletter and view page source. Copy all of the code.

  • Choose Basic Plain template in Templates. Enter your email Subject, and paste your HTML code in the text area for HTML message under Source tab.

  • You can preview what your newsletter looks like in the Preview tab.

  • Scroll down. You will find an area for text version of the newsletter. You will find the text link in Advanced Sending Options in Toddle. Copy all that text and paste it in Plain Text Message.

  • Scroll down and enter additional information required for sending your newsletter. e.g. sending schedule, who to send to and so on. Then click on Save Broadcast Message. Your message will be sent immediately or saved for later according to the schedule options you chose.
  • This is all there is to sending your Toddle newsletter through

Sending your Toddle newsletter with Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Sending Newsletters can help in creating create high-impact emails that are as professional as your business. It’s the easy, effective, affordable way to stay connected and build strong,lasting  relationships.

Sending your Toddle newsletter through is easy. Below is a simple step-by-step guide.

  • Once logged in, click on Create an Email.

  • Enter a name for your email campaign and click Next.

  • You will see a list of templates. Scroll down and in the left column you will find the link Use My Own Code. Click it.

  • For creating your Toddle Newsletter email campaign, you have to select XHTML as your Email Format.

  • Scroll down to select Advanced Editor. This will provide options where we can enter our Toddle newsletter HTML code and Text.

  • For HTML, open the HTML version of your Toddle newsletter. It’s link can be found under Advanced sending options in Toddle. When the Newsletter is open, right click and slect View page source. Copy all the source code.

  • You have to paste the  page source code in the area for HTML code.

  • Copy the text in Plain text version of your Toddle newsletter. It’s link is also under Advanced sending options in Toddle. Paste this text in the specified area for text. Click Save & Return.

  • This will take you back to where you can enter other information needed for you to send your Email Newsletter Campaign. You will have options to enter Email Subject, your own Email information, Email Greetings, your Address, the Contact List that will recieve the newsletter and some other information that will help in creating an effective campaign.

  • You can save the created email as draft, or send it right now. Also, you can schedule it to be send automatically at a specific time and date in future.

  • This is all there is to sending your newsletter through

Toddle & 3rd Party Email Marketing Software Advanced, Campaign Monitor, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Sending Newsletters

You have a huge variety of ways to send your email newsletter from Toddle.
It works with email clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail etc by arriving in your inbox ready to forward on to all your clients and customers. It could not be any simpler.

For the more technical email marketer who may want to use one of the many advanced email service providers to manage their subscribers, email distribution and tracking we have great news. You can still use Toddle for its simple editing and award winning email newsletter design, then simply import it into your email manager. Below are a few simple guides on how it works.

Toddle works with many many more services then this, we just have not finished the guide yet. But you can try it yourself. If your email marketing software allows you to import a html file, a URL or copy and paste in code then Toddle can work with it.

Check back often as more guides are added all the time.

Free email marketing course – by email! 7 Training, Seminars, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks, Toddle, Workshops is running a free four week email marketing course to show you how to get the best from it. Four emails over four weeks covering all the basics.

You can sign up here.

Image cc David Erickson

Sending your Toddle Newsletter with Spinnaker Pro Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Email Tracking, Ezine, Sending Newsletters

Spinnaker Pro is a web-based email marketing solution which enables you to deploy your email marketing campaigns to your subscribers and track the results. Today they announced support for Toddle allowing you to easily import your email newsletters. Here’s how:

  • Log in to Spinnaker Pro and open your Content Editor
  • Click on the Get external content button and you will see the screen below looking for the web address of your Toddle newsletter.

Spinnaker Pro - Get external content button

  • You need to copy the URL of the HTML version of your email newsletter from Toddle. This is the all singing dancing version with images and colours. You will find this link in the “ADVANCED SENDING OPTIONS” box on Toddle after you click send.

Group-Mail Import from Web Page

  • That’s it, your campaign is ready to be sent.

New open in Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Email Newsletter Templates, Sending Newsletters

Tomasz has added a lovely little touch to Toddle. Now when you send a newsletter to yourself a link will appear to open your web mail to view it. It’s a simple thing but anything that reduces clicks for a user is great.

Open your email newsletter in Gmail, Yahoo and MSN Hotmail.