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We are announcing a small change to our pricing today. It now costs $9 to send your email newsletter instead of €6. The end cost to you is roughly the same.
To date we have been charging just €6 in the EURO € currency. That was great when we began building as most users were relatively local. However over the last 6 months our user base has grown wonderfully (Thanks to you guys) to where most of our users are based in the US.
Unfortunately for those US users when it came to converting from Euro into Dollar they were never sure exactly what conversation rate was and what the final charge would be.
Now the cost in US$ is set at exactly $9. This is roughly equal to the previous price of €6.

So in summary:

  • What is happening?: New currency, same price.
  • Does it effect me?: If you are based in the US your payment is now a few Cents cheaper. If you are based in Europe your payment is now a few Cents more.
  • When is it happening? Early this week.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below.
Thanks, and here is to more low cost, stress free email marketing.


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