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Sending your Toddle newsletter with Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Sending Newsletters can help in creating create high-impact emails that are as professional as your business. It’s the easy, effective, affordable way to stay connected and build strong,lasting  relationships.

Sending your Toddle newsletter through is easy. Below is a simple step-by-step guide.

  • Once logged in, click on Create an Email.

  • Enter a name for your email campaign and click Next.

  • You will see a list of templates. Scroll down and in the left column you will find the link Use My Own Code. Click it.

  • For creating your Toddle Newsletter email campaign, you have to select XHTML as your Email Format.

  • Scroll down to select Advanced Editor. This will provide options where we can enter our Toddle newsletter HTML code and Text.

  • For HTML, open the HTML version of your Toddle newsletter. It’s link can be found under Advanced sending options in Toddle. When the Newsletter is open, right click and slect View page source. Copy all the source code.

  • You have to paste the  page source code in the area for HTML code.

  • Copy the text in Plain text version of your Toddle newsletter. It’s link is also under Advanced sending options in Toddle. Paste this text in the specified area for text. Click Save & Return.

  • This will take you back to where you can enter other information needed for you to send your Email Newsletter Campaign. You will have options to enter Email Subject, your own Email information, Email Greetings, your Address, the Contact List that will recieve the newsletter and some other information that will help in creating an effective campaign.

  • You can save the created email as draft, or send it right now. Also, you can schedule it to be send automatically at a specific time and date in future.

  • This is all there is to sending your newsletter through

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