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Sending your Toddle Newsletter with Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Email Statistics, Email Tracking, Sending Newsletters, Tips & Tricks is a great desktop application for windows that allows you to manage your subscribers and send bulk mail to a lot of people at once. Below is a simple guide on how to send your Toddle email newsletter with Group-Mail.

  • Browse on over to and download and install the application on your computer. screenshot

  • Start Group-Mail and click on file, New Message

Group-Mail new message

  • Select File, Import, Web Page (URL)

Group-Mail Import from Web Page

  • You need to copy the URL of the HTML version of your email newsletter from Toddle. This is the all singing dancing version with images and colours. You will find this link in the “ADVANCED SENDING OPTIONS” box on Toddle after you click send.

Group-Mail Import from Web Page

Group-Mail Import from Web Page

  • Paste the URL of your newsletter and click OK
    You should now see a preview of your Toddle newsletter in Group-Mail.

Group-Mail Newsletter Preview

  • Add an appropriate subject to the newsletter and click send

Group-Mail add subject and send

  • You should now get a confirmation that your newsletter has been sent.

Group-Mail newsletter sent

  • Thats it! Congratulations your Toddle newsletter has been sent.

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