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Sending your Toddle Newsletter with Spinnaker Pro Advanced, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter Templates, Email Tracking, Ezine, Sending Newsletters

Spinnaker Pro is a web-based email marketing solution which enables you to deploy your email marketing campaigns to your subscribers and track the results. Today they announced support for Toddle allowing you to easily import your email newsletters. Here’s how:

  • Log in to Spinnaker Pro and open your Content Editor
  • Click on the Get external content button and you will see the screen below looking for the web address of your Toddle newsletter.

Spinnaker Pro - Get external content button

  • You need to copy the URL of the HTML version of your email newsletter from Toddle. This is the all singing dancing version with images and colours. You will find this link in the “ADVANCED SENDING OPTIONS” box on Toddle after you click send.

Group-Mail Import from Web Page

  • That’s it, your campaign is ready to be sent.

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